Watch These 2 Cute Pups Race To Dinner With This Time Lapse Video!

growing puppies
They grow up so fast!

FUN FACT: Dogs love for doggy food doesn’t diminish as they get old. As a matter of fact, it even has the possibility to grow and grow and grow until they grow up as well.

ANOTHER FUN FACT: It’s fun to watch dogs run off to get their doggy treats.

ANOTHER FUN FACT THAT CAN TOP OFF THE OTHER TWO FUN FACTS:  Dogs don’t mind slipping and sliding while they are running. As long as running could help them reach their treats faster, they’ll just keep it cool.

And all of these fun facts were covered by this cute time-lapse video of 2 puppies running for dinner!

Now, who doesn’t want to see a video about 2 puppies growing up on a 35 –week span as they drift towards the narrow path that leads them to their doggy treats?

On the first week (week11), you could still see how naïve and careless these pups were. And the funny thing about this is that it didn’t really improve much as they grew up. It looked like as if they never learned at all! But who actually cares? Seeing them slide on the slippery floor was the cutest part of the video!

Colby and Bleu (the names of the pups) are Golden Retrievers. As you have seen at the video, they really like to run as fast as they want to. The reason behind this behavior is that this kind of breed was intentionally made to retrieve ducks that were shot during bird hunts. Dogs of this kind of breed are known to recover this ducks without damaging them (thus, then name RETRIEVER was born).

Dogs are generally fun to watch as they’ll do anything (like maybe run carelessly on some slippery floor) just to get what they want. You can’t really blame them from doing that because that’s just what dogs really are!

Hurray for dogs! Hurray for Colby and Bleu and hurray for their never-ending love for treats!