quadruple bypass burger

Just when you thought that your traditional fast-food hamburgers were already that unhealthy, wait until you hear about this one! A certain American Hamburger restaurant in Las Vegas is serving what they call “Quadruple Bypass Burger” which earned the title as the world’s best junk foods. Just hearing the burger’s name could immediately give you shivers, right?

Of course, this burger didn’t earn that title for nothing. With almost 9,982 calories waiting to be stuffed inside your arteries, Quadruple Bypass Burger can make anyone feel bloated just by looking at it. The said meal includes four half-pound (yes, say goodbye to your traditional quarter pounders) beef patties, eight slices of cheese, one whole tomato and half of an onion, stuffed between two lard-coated buns. If you think the calories are not yet enough, you must try their milkshakes that are made of butter-fat cream and fries which are cooked in lard.


Burger with glasses
Burger with glasses


Heart Attack Grill (don’t underestimate its name) is not popular just because it serves burgers with high-calories and it has “nurses” that will take your “prescriptions”, but because some of their customers suffered from heart attacks from eating in their restaurant.

Believe it or not, 3 customers already suffered from a heart attack right after eating from the grill. One case was recorded on February 11, 2012 when a customer was feasting on a Triple Bypass Burger (which is one patty less than the Quadruple). Almost one year after the first incident, a daily patron died of in front the restaurant by an apparent heart attack. Another incident occurred on April 2012 when a woman fell unconsciously while enjoying a Double Bypass Burger.

Others would think that dying over a death-attracting burger is just plain nonsense But what Heart Attack Grill truly remarkable is the mere fact that it does still attract patrons, tourists and loyal customers!


Right in the artery
Right in the artery


Brave enough to challenge Heart Attack Grill? You can actually try them out without spending a dime if you weigh 350 lbs. (which should be weighed in by a doctor or a nurse before eating). And if you succeeded dominating either Triple or Quadruple Bypass Burger will have the chance to sit on a wheelchair while being accompanied by their “nurse”.

With waiters dressed as “nurses”, free meals for the overweights, unbelievably high-calorie burgers that would almost clog your arteries with sweet fat that could possibly lead you to death, Heart Attack Grill continuously dominates the rankings of burger joints in Las Vegas.


Girl with Huge Burger


So if you think you’re a food warrior and you could live up to the challenge of putting 9k calories inside your body, we suggest you take on the world’s best junkfoods, the Quadruple Bypass Burger!

(cover photo image source: cocinatis)