Let This Video Of Raccoon Riding A Bike Amuse You For A Bit

(source: Melanie Raccoon)


Whenever we see a raccoon at home, we would always shoo it away. It’s not that because we don’t really like raccoons (just so you know I have a big Meeko stuff toy at home), but because they’re just going to thrash everything until they found food.

The last time we had a raccoon at home; it pushed 2 trash bins, opened 6 cabinets and grabbed 2 packs of crackers that were supposed to be for summer’s s’mores. That is when my mom had enough of raccoons and ordered us to shoo away if we see one.

But come to think of it, raccoons are adorable. I think they can do tricks and maybe help me up when I need to clean something. Instead of getting a dog, maybe I should consider getting a raccoon as a pet.

Oh wait, never mind, someone already did that.

This is Melanie. Now we’re not quite sure if that name really fit for a raccoon (why not name her Rhianna, or Ren, or Rita?) but it doesn’t really matter to us anymore since she can ride a bike.

She can use her 2 feet to move the paddle while stirring with her 2 paws.

Melanie is not only known for riding bikes. As a matter of fact, she got tons of tricks that you could check out on her YouTube channel.

Do you want to spend New Year with her while drinking a martini? Don’t worry, she can hold one by herself!

So you had a part and you need to clean up? Don’t fret! She can even clean the room with her broom! No more worries cause unlike those messy raccoons, she can do it by herself!

Need to flaunt your raccoon by going outside? She can keep herself inside the cage!

Yes, Melanie can be your ultimate raccoon pet! But just promise me that you’ll name your differently, maybe try the Rita Raccoon?