LOL! This Might Be The Most Racist Soap Dispenser In The Whole Wide Universe

(source: Teej Meister)


Recently, racism is a topic that each and every social media site has already talked about. People from around the world had furiously battled the misconception of cultural and color differences. We’ve been to the age that defied the usual conundrum of uniqueness. Now, more of us have completely embraced our brothers and sisters whom others think are different. In short, racism is slowly fading away for good.

Sadly, not all people are open to end racism. Some would still find cultural difference a big thing (and worst, they kill others who they think are different from them.) They even underestimate and disrespect others, stripping down their rights that should be available to everyone.

Racism got very worse that even machines are turning into racist b*tches. Like seriously, they’re picky when it comes to the people who they serve.

Don’t believe us? Well, you better watch this soap dispenser being racist because you’ll seriously (laugh and) scowl in dismay.

So maybe it’s kinda funny because the soap dispenser wasn’t really giving any soap to the black guy while it happily gave a good amount of suds-maker to the white guy.

And after I watched that video, I just realized that machine can somehow be racist, right?

I mean come on! Imagine the elevator not lifting you till the 25th floor because you’re Asian. Or what if the candy machine doesn’t give you those precious jawbreakers because it found out that you’re Hespanic.

Now that would be a problem, and that could really cause an outrage if that happened.

But of course, our generation is very knowledgeable with racism and would immediately stop anyone who supports this idea.

So for this guy who can’t get soap to his hands because the soap dispenser doesn’t give him one, come to my place and we’ll think of a race-friendly soap dispenser!