Proof That The Future Is Already Here!!! A Company Successfully Create A Real Life Working Hover Board!

(source: Lexus International)

Back to the Future fans, you may now rejoice because a real, legit, working hover board is now finally here!

You don’t need to have your very own DeLorean and travel to the future to get your very own hovering board because a company already made it possible! No more waiting for chromatic environment! No more futuristic robot assistant! No more bleep-bloop music to fill out everything! The future is really here!

From simple concepts and rough hard sketches and drafts, we have finally created a hover board! No need for wheels, no need for shock absorbers, no need for almost ¼ of your usual locomotive requirements because Lexus already did the first step towards hovering and levitation.

Now, what’s the best part about this hover board? It freaking works! So no more hoaxes or fake edited videos about hover-boarding because a company already made a miracle! Score one for science!

So how does it really work?

According to Lexus, the hover board is made up of an insulated core that, when cooled off with liquid nitrogen, will give make it hover against magnets. So technically speaking, you need lots and lots of liquid nitrogen for it to work! Now that’s what I call “cool”!

Of course, you must need a very big skating park made of magnets before you could use this. Another thing, you must have your own stock of liquid nitrogen because it will not work without it.

And the experience? It’s just like using a skateboard except you’re like Princess Jasmine flying on a magic carpet as Aladdin sang “A Whole New World” alone. Yep, that’s the feeling!

But for those who can pay the right price just to have this hover board, I think you still need to wait a bit more since Lexus, the manufacturer of this epic hover board, are not really selling these babies yet!

So yes, get Doc already cause we’ll be doing some hover action!

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