Real Life Jaws Caught On Cam As Shark Feeders Were Trapped Inside A Cage With Frenzied Shark!

(source:  Hillary Rae)


The sea is our friend. We get lots of things from this big body of water. We can get food from fishing and farming of seaweeds. We can get shelter by harvesting driftwoods and use it as the foundation of a small wooden tent. We can even get water by filtering the sea water itself. Aaaah! The sea is just a big body of blessing!

Another thing that’s worth noting about the see is the sea creatures. People are so hyped when these critters swim nearly to them, that they’ll pay just to have a mushy soft encounters with them.

Look, you have your usual manta rays, clownfishes, jellyfishes, some algae, whale sharks, dolphins and sharks. Yep, there’s nothing more contenting than spending time with a shark.

Well, that is kinda pefect if that shark isn’t really destroying the cage that separates you and it. And when the shark does this, you may want to pray for a bit because you’ll get a lot of trouble.

Hillary Rae was your ordinary volunteer that feeds of sharks to attract them. Nothing was pretty much normal when suddenly, the unthinkable happened.

As they were caged on the side of a boat, a big great white shark just went rampage as it bit off the buoy and tried opening the cage with its teeth. Everything was caught by Hillary’s camera.

As you can see, the shark tried its best in opening the cage. Watch it again and you’ll see that the bars of the cage were bent by the shark. Now, imagine yourself in the middle of that commotion, and you’d probably shat yourself in the process.

Sharks are pretty much the predators of the deep. They’ll stop for nothing just to get their food on their plate. And when it’s feeding time, no one will stop them (except for fishermen, yep, except for those ones).

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