This Reporter Was Delivering His Daily News When Suddenly, They Popped Out Of Nowhere!

(source: Young & Strange)


Reporting news is not an easy job to do. Here on NewsTycoon, we deliver news with a twist that gets your attention intact. But when it comes to straight news reporting, you’re pretty lucky if you are able to attain that attention for the whole report. This is the very reason why a lot of aspiring news reports have lots of training before they could go live on air.

Now, imagine yourself reporting a very important news and you just want the whole world to be serious about it. You’re in the middle of reporting, fresh information gathers and disseminated, suit gleams perfectly under the sun as you professionally deliver your lines, when 2 strangers pop out of nowhere with a table.

It’s like you’re on the spotlight and the attention is all yours when 2 shady characters that are not even part of your performance. The worse part? They’re just owning the stage.

Here is a clip of Ashish Joshi reporting on a very serious matter when suddenly THIS happened.

Yes, Joshi just got photo video bombed by 2 magicians. Everything was serious and professional when 2 magicians suddenly popped out from the side of the camera and made a trick.

Now, go watch the whole clip and I dare you to keep your eyes on Joshi and NOT on the magicians who are probably trolling the whole world. Successfully do this and I’ll award you with a bar of Snickers.

The trolling magicians on this silly reportage were known as Young and Strange. They’ve been doing magic tricks since they were 8 years old and now are members of the Magic Circle.

For all I know, if this is how news will be delivered in the future, then give me a 12 hour marathon! LOL!

UPDATE: It turns out that the report was not really legit. According to Sky News, the Ashish Joshi video with Young & Strange trolling in the background was not a Sky News report. Aww men! Just when you thought everything was cool!