Single Koreans Were Invited To Eat On This “For Singles Only” Restaurant And Was Given A Big “Surprise”

(source: cathlaine)


It’s just kinda depressing when you eat on a restaurant, alone, while you see others eat in pairs. Like when you really want to enjoy your lobster or your bowl of noodles, but table number 4 just got a better love life than you do, that kinda sucks, right? So in the end, you’ll just walk away, asking for the waiter to pack your food to go.

As a single person (yes, I’m single), I know how it feels like seeing others happy because they got the best life because of their special others. And don’t get me wrong, I don’t have any problems with couples eating together. But seriously, I think we need something that’s fit for those who just wants to enjoy the food and the atmosphere (without getting depressed before the dessert arrives.)

So to deal with this, Korea thought of something amazing. Why not invite single people to eat inside our restaurants and magically convert them into pairs?

Well, that could work out, right? Especially when you got something like this one.

So what a Korean restaurant did is that they invited several random single strangers and offered them free food. But little do these people know that they’ll probably meet someone knew if they pressed a particular button on the table.

If I were those people, I’ll happily press the button.

To be honest, my first thought was they would show me a video of a mokbang (live streaming of people eating food,) but I guess Koreans got it better.

And just like as expected, not all “meet-ups” during this single chow-down ended up in the best possible way. Some just ran smoothly. Some even ran awkwardly. But in majority, it was definitely a good idea.

So Korea, wait for me! Just be sure that you’ll give me the perfect match when I eat there!