LOL! This Guy Went Full “Rocky” On The Busy Streets Of France, And It Was Just Hilarious!

(source:  Rémi GAILLARD )


Rocky is such an iconic figure because: one, he’s Sylvester Stalone (and nobody f*cks up with that sad face that’s full of rage inside), two, he’s a boxing champ (even though he’s series portrayed him as a losing legend), and third, he just punched half of a butchered pig because punching bags are too mainstream. And look, the iconic Rocky has been parodied by a lot of comedians and pranksters from all over generation, so you could say that Rocky is indeed a legend.

Speaking of parodies, majority of today’s Rocky parodies are seriously cheap knock-offs. Like seriously, they’re just like bunches of baloneys.

But guess what, not all parodies are really the kind of parody that you’ll watch because you don’t have anything to watch on YouTube. As a matter of fact, there’s this one parody that brought all puny parodies down the blegh-parody level.

Again, we would like to call Rémi Gaillard and his crazy Rocky parody. And seriously, I hope Sylvester Stalone’s standard I’m sad, so can I kill you? Face can turn into a Chuck Norris smile after watching this vid.

So basically, what Gaillard did here is the mixed Rocky with his unrealistic exercise routine and the daily lives of French people. So yep, I guess I could definitely say punching a helpless meat won’t really give me muscles and the strength to win a boxing match.

And you know, no matter how hard you push the fact that this is such a public nuisance for a prank, you’ll still find it really funny.

Yes, I know that I’ll get pissed if a person suddenly grabbed my $8 drink and pour it in his head because it looked great when exercising, but I guess that’s just a very funny sight to see.

So Rémi, if you need a drink to chill with, just message me, I’ll be honored to give you my drink, you 20th century Rocky!