This Couple Got The Most Unforgettable Roller Coaster Ride, And The Reason Behind It May Sadden You!

(source: Moses Storm)


Do you remember your last break up? It’s kinda hard and frustrating, right? The feeling that you’re just had enough with everything. The feeling of finally cutting ties with someone you thought you could be with for eternity. You really don’t want to feel that certain feeling when your heart felt heavy and your ears felt warm as you realized that everything is finally over.

Now, imagine if you had this while experiencing the thrill of a roller coaster ride? Imagine that you’re suddenly sad and you just want to cry a lot while moving 75 kmph on a steel railing as 10 other people behind you scream for joy.

And with your tears nearly falling off from that warm cheek, you suddenly feel like hold your heart. But the problem here is that you can’t actually hold your chest since there’s a safety bar attached to your body. And yes, there are cameras on the roller coaster that’s currently recording your break up.

Well, this could be a very bumpy ride.

The guy on the video (who was obviously scared with the ride) begs his girlfriend to stop the ride. He keeps on begging, wailing, and pleading as the roller coaster ride continuous to shake everyone up. Even though his boyfriend was almost begging for his life, the girl on the video managed to enjoy the ride.

After a few moments, the guy just blurted out I’m breaking up with you!

At first, the girl thought that the guy wasn’t really serious with it. But when she asked him for the second time, the guy confirmed that he really does want to break up with her because he was forced to do these things (presumably, the roller coaster part.)

So yes, the video ended with a super awkward silence from 2 people who just broke up.

Well, at least you felt the thrill, right?