This Old Man Waiting For His SO In The Airport With Flowers On His Hand Proves That Love Know No Age!



Ever wondered what will happen when you and your bae got old and wrinkly? Would you still have those mushy moments when you meet up? Would you still kiss him/her on the cheeks, bring him/her flowers or maybe play some music that will seriously make others jealous?  Oh dear, that would be like the best RELATIONSHIP GOAL ever!

But since Millennials are really not the kind of people who wants others to know that they’re still in love with their old special someone (since young people would see this disgusting for no apparent reason,) they’ll just shrug the idea off. But deep inside, they really want to reach that point in life where they could actually make each other smile even though their faces are already full with wrinkles.

This old gentleman in this video is one great proof that love doesn’t really burn out. As a matter of fact, this guy proved that no matter how much Botox you put into your skin to make it as smooth as a baby’s bum, it doesn’t matter to the people you love. Because seriously, love knows no age limit.

Just look at this man wearing a simply blue polo shirt, awesome blue jeans and just plain shoes that could make any woman in his age scream, holding a bouquet and a mystery gift on the other.

At first, you’ll be curious as to why this chap was standing on the middle of the airport. Is he waiting for someone dearly? Is he going to propose?

Then suddenly, an old woman arrived. And after a few moments, the sweetest thing in the whole world happened.


So I guess this chap deserves a good back massage and some old jazz music when this couple get home.

Hats off, chap, and keep the fire burning!