CAUGHT ON CAM: Rowlett Teen Attacked Another Teen Holding A Toddler!

(source: Oscar Mendoza)


School will not be complete if you haven’t seen (but not limited to experience) fights between students.

For whatever reason that you (or the people around you) have will not really matter because it’s all about the emotion built up inside your heart.

You may punch someone not only because of a certain reason that’s pushing you, but maybe because you just want to. And to think about it, it’s not great to see that kind of attitude in life. As a matter of fact, I feel bad that fights during high school years are not yet diminished with the school’s culture. No matter what happens, there will always be someone that’s pissed off.

Of course, fights should never harm any civilian in the process, but what did this 13-year-old girl from Rowlett did something so disturbing, that you’ll definitely feel chills after watching their video.

In the video, 2 girls were spotted in front of a teenage girl whose holding a toddler. At first, you can’t pick up anything from the scene. But then, something happened really bad.

One of the girls pulled the hair of the teenager who sits on the bench and threw her on the ground. This causes the toddler on her lap to fall down hard on the concrete floor.

The next few seconds were just brutal at the girl who pulled the hair continuously whooped her butt. Strangely, the victim didn’t really fight back.

According to some reports, the attack was not racially motivated and is not connected to such topic. The victim said that she has no idea why she was attacked by the girl.

Reports also say that the fight between these two girls rooted from a simple misunderstanding. Lucky for the victims that this misunderstanding didn’t actually caused serious injury.

Parents, teachers, brothers and sisters, let’s serve as a great role model to the younger generation. Let’s not introduce them to the improper way of dealing with things. Stop the hate. Stop the pain. And support them no matter what.