This Baby Does Something Adorable After His Mom Stops Reading Him A Book, And It Will Seriously Melt Your Heart!

(source: leesedanielle)


Not everyone likes reading a book. That’s what I realized before entering college. Although I’m not one of those people who really hated books (as a matter of fact, I love reading them,) I discovered that my friends and my classmates hate seeing worthy pages. They don’t like reading books and other reading materials. As a matter of fact, they prefer pictures or infographics more than fruitful atlases or dictionaries.

I can’t blame them, though. The love of reading books is not really the kind of thing that you could teach to a person, except if there was this divine intervention that will make them realize that reading books is good for your health (or your grades.)

And so, majority of teachers have this burden of making people love books at an early age. And yes, you can’t really blame for having a hard time if these kids’ parents didn’t allow them to enjoy books as much as they can. This kinda saddens all other bookworms here.

But don’t fret, my hoping friends. The future of bookworms is secured with the help of this adorable baby!

The baby in the video (which was not named, but we’ll call him Albert because we can) likes seeing pictures and hearing his mom and dad narrate stories. But when his parents close the book and stop narrating, he cries.

Yep, this kiddo has more interest in books that your 16-year-old sibling.

This made him pretty much adorable. And yes, we just can’t stop watching him. If only I could give this little tyke some books for him to read, then I’ll definitely give him every book that I can!

Although we’re not really sure if he likes the words or the essence of reading or he just wants to see that piece of object open. Either way, he’s still adorable to look at.

Don’t worry little bookworm, we’ll be here giving you free stories if you grow up!