This Awesome Safety Truck Uses LED To Save Thousands Of Lives!

(source: Leo Burnett)


Road accidents can happen anytime. May it be sunny, windy, stormy, rainy, snowy or just plain shady, you cannot really ensure your safety when it comes to the road.

Usually, accidents happen when a driver makes even the least mistake in terms of road judgment. For example, one Argentinian dies every hour because of traffic accidents. This scary truth reflects those people who don’t even care when overtaking humongous cars like trucks. It’s like they’re not even risking any lives there.

No one wants to see another life losing with these avoidable accidents. This is why Samsung thought of a way to incorporate their technology with road safety.

And thus, the idea of the “Safety Truck” was born!

This is not your usual safety truck that produces road cones or bright blinking lights just to keep you out of accidents. Instead of those common road thingamajigs, they attached 4 big LED screens on the back of the road that will display what the truck’s wireless camera is seeing. It’s like making their trucks “transparent” so that cars on their tails could ensure their safety when overtaking.

Samsung managed to mix technology and road safety in one blob.

Here are the features of Samsung’s Safety Truck.

  • 4 Read Outdoor Monitors – These monitors are attached to the truck’s tail so that vehicles can see what’s in front of truck.
  • Built-In Wireless Camera At The Front – This is to show the back-end car driver what’s heading towards them prior to overtaking.
  • Night Vision Mode – Because safety efforts should be heighten at night.

There are no clear numbers of trucks for this project. But what matters most here is that even a single truck could save a lot of lives in the future.

Is this what the future could present us when it comes to road safety? Maybe! After all, everything still depend on your actions as a driver.

Drive safely, everyone! And remember to buckle up as always!