Ever Heard of A Saxophone Duel? Well, Here It Is!

(source: Sly Dylan)


FUN FACT: Did you know that saxophones are considered as the sexiest instrument in the whole musical world?

Yep, just listen to that luscious smooth wind sliding through the air and you’ll feel like someone’s touching your neck. Oooh! That kinda tickles huh?

Ehrm.. Anyway, saxophones are indeed one of the most sensual instruments, and people who know how to play one can be considered as a talented musician. Like seriously, a guy that could play this instrument and then doing a sexy number could easily attract a woman like me.. Ooh!

With that, we could probably say that saxophones are amazing. Just listening to one right now could definitely work for me. However, what could happened if you hear someone playing the saxophone inside a train. And then, ANOTHER ONE joins in the cruise. Would that be truly epic?

Well, passengers on a NYC subway were entertained after listening to a busker playing a saxophone. There were even people dancing to his tunes.

But after a minute or so, no one expected the following to happen.


While Busker #1 was playing “Beat It” by no other than Michael Jackson, the challenger (a.k.a Busker #2) suddenly “busked” in and played along.

And guess what, the people went wild!

For the next 4 minutes, these 2 saxophone artists dueled each other in the test of wits and cunningness. Each exchanged blows of musical tunes that could give anyone a musicgasm.

And honest to goodness, their performance gave me the chills. Like seriously, it made the hair on my skin stand!

With the epic performance done by these two, the passengers of the subway went away happy (and nervous since they’re not sure if the video that they just recorded were great when it comes to quality).

So do we wish to see more of these guys in the future? YES!

Do we want to see them battle it out again? YES!

And do we still find saxophones sexy? HECK YES!