This Might Be The Scariest Amusement Park Ride That You’ll Ever Try



Nothing screams flirting with death himself like riding a dangerous theme park ride. It’s a common knowledge to many that theme parks won’t be complete without a ride that could lift somebody up in the air and suddenly pull their bodies down (and most probably leaving their soul up in the air.) Yes, we’re talking about roller-coasters, free drops, or other rides that will question your bravery.

A lot of people like trying these death-defying rides. A lot of people love risking their lives just to feel the thrill. And even though we already received various reports of death by these rides, these wouldn’t stop us from trying them.

One of the rides that I’m talking about is really not a ride. Well technically, it is a theme park ride. But uhm, you won’t really ride on this ride.

Ugh, I know this sounds confusing! Just watch it for Pete’s sake! And yes, it’s as scary as fuck!

So just to give you a clearer idea of what is really happening when you “ride” this free fall Sky Tower.

You are harnessed on a rope. Your only protection is a helmet and some cushion on your back. You are suspended 300 feet on high ground with nothing to reduce your falling speed.

That’s right! No harness to hold you while falling. No parachutes to give air resistance. No freaking cable cars that’s build for sissies! Just you, gravity, 9.8m/s2, your body mass, and you praying for forgiveness as you fall off that freakish ride.

Oh and should I also remind you that a 12-year-old girls already went on a coma after trying this free fall? Cool and thrilling, right?

So if you want to really try this out and maybe test your chances of falling in a coma (in exchange to a very exciting feeling), then go to Tivoli Friheden, Denmakr and try this SCAD Tower!

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