This Deer From Japan May Look Normal, But Wait Till You Hear It’s Voice!

(source: Shapiro127)



According to the Internet lore, Japan is (if not) one of the craziest countries in the whole world. Just like Australia that does everything in reverse, Japan is known to keep the weirdest of the weird inside. From creepy tentacles (eherm),  guys wearing school girl costumes, and other stuff that you can only see on anime, Japan proves that it’s just as majestic as any unicorn. And if you don’t really want to believe me, then you might as well discover this to yourself.

What you are about to watch is a deer. A very common and ordinary deer that is very abundant in the forest. A group of tourist thought that this deer was just any ordinary deer. It went near them and maybe begged for some food.

Well, everything was just pretty normal when the deer squeaked. Well, squeaking is kinda neat, but Mother Nature just wants to troll you hard. So, boredom strikes. She whipped her magic wand of evolution and did this!

What you just heard is a screeching deer. Forget about Bambi and his delicate movie appearance because one day, he’ll sound exactly like a demon. And yes, he might even revive his mother by using some sacrifice.

Like seriously, this is way too creepy. Although these tourists thought that it was kinda funny, I found it disturbing. It’s just that I don’t really want Santa to have Rudolph screeching like a monster as he visits my house for Christmas.

Rudolph, it’s time to wake this people up! Use your screech!

*Insert Rudolph’s screech of doom here*

Atta boy, Rudolph! Now everyone would be good on the following year!

So yes, if you stumbled upon a deer and it looked like it will beg for food. Get some armor and some blessing from a priest or something, or else you’ll be used as a sacrifice to revive Bambi’s mother.

Stay away, screaming deer! We don’t really like you!