This Welsh Guy Just Taught A Seagull How To Tap Dance

(source: MrTomostan)


Teaching a pet to do something is not something that you could do overnight. You have to be consistent on your commands and be strict with the action that you are teaching. To become an effective instructor, you must be close to your pet. As much as possible, you need to spend a lot of time with it before it could follow your direction.

For dogs, teaching the basics like stay, roll over, play dead, or even bark would require a lot of time before they could really understand. Cats, on the other hand, are uhm “talented” at some other things.

For a guy from Wales, teaching pets is just an easy sport to play. Just have something to feed and you could definitely teach even a seagull to tap dance!

Oh, did that came too far? It isn’t if you’re the guy on the video who just taught a silly little seagull how to tap dance!

Within short span of lunch break, a man taught a seagull how to strut  some moves (well obviously, it’s just tapping its webbed feet). And just by looking at it tap, it assures you that it’s really excited to meet another food from this awesome fellow

I’m dancing Timothy, get your own human being!” the dancing seagull said while tapping,

“Well, screw you! Not just because I have two left feet and I can’t dance means, I can’t eat! I’m gonna eat that food out of your master!” the other less talented seagull said.

You cheater! I watched 3 hours of tapping videos on YouTube just to learn this!”

We guess that would be their conversation while this tapping diva knows groove to the silent beat.

And so, whenever you see a seagull, try to grab some munchkins and throw it at them. Who knows, you might just discover the first ever singing seagull!