This Siberian Husky Begging Not To Take A Shower Will Surely Complete Your Day


(source: Suzanne Sarlls-Hartwell)


Do you remember those childhood days when you just don’t want to take a bath? Do you still remember those days when you are dragged by your mom inside the bathroom, hearing the shower already opened, screaming and begging for your maternal guardian to give you freedom. Oh yes, those childhood days were just too nostalgic.

Now believe it or not, dogs also have those kinds of tantrum attacks. Like their human counterparts, they also don’t like taking a bath. They don’t want the feeling of water rushing through their majestic fur. They don’t want their “moms” and “dads” to push them from taking a bath. And this time, they need to show it by throwing tantrums.

It’s quite funny if you hear them plead justice and freedom by cutely saying “no”. Of course, they can’t really say the word NO as clearly as possible, but sometimes, humans are just to assuming in these cases.

Well, it doesn’t really matter with this video. I mean, just look at this Siberian Husky not wanting to take a shower. Aww!

According to the YouTube comments, Siberian Huskies are naturally child-like. They throw tantrums and sometimes, they run around if they don’t want to do something (like taking a bath, or visiting a vet.) For this case, it’s quite natural. It’s a common thing that all Siberian Husky owners have.

But of course, there will always be those specialists who think that this kind of video is animal cruelty as its finest. Like seriously, you’ll soon realize that there are a lot of “dog specialists” who watch YouTube videos nowadays.

Then again, we really don’t want to spoil the fun with YouTube videos. So yep, just enjoy the video and love your Husky more!

So if you got your own Siberian Husky and he acts this way, never record it and post the video on YouTube.

Well, it’s your choice :0