This Awesome 60-Year-Old Granny Can Shoot An Apple Above Her Head!

(source: America’s Got Talent)


Whenever I get to the age of 60, I just want to rest for a bit and enjoy some greenery. I want to work on a barn and maybe plant some veggies and graze some of my cows while inhaling fresh air. And by night, I would just want to sleep peacefully with the sound of crickets buzzing in my ears.

Usually, that’s what some of us want in our life. We just want to rest a bit and maybe do something less stressful. As much as possible, we avoid being hurt or in pain.

But with these couple that you are about to see, living in sanctuary is not really living at all. As a matter of fact, they want more than action! Because at the age of 60, you just want to hold a crossbow and freaking fire it to whatever thing you like!

This is Silvia Silvia. She’s 60 years old (and most probably 3-4 times your age). But unlike you, she is 3-4 times more badass than what you think.

For some, you’d probably think that she’s the grandmother of Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead, but nope. She’s just plain badass.

According to her background, she was a circus performer. In her whole life, she spent her time performing various tricks on circuses. And now that she’s 60, she wants something lighter. She wants something less circus-y. So what other options you got here than a freaking crossbow?

And look, she just shot the apple in her head with a series of crossbow shots. But why did she chose this trick? Did she realized that shooting an apple on another’s head was too mainstream? We will never know!

But for now, I think I’ll just enjoy watching more of her videos on YouTube or something.

Go Silvia Silvia! And I wish that you win AGT, too!