This Amazing Guy Can Sing Like Sam Smith, And 22 Other Singers!



Are you a great singer? Can you sing songs perfectly without any flaws or mistunes? If you’re that kind of singer, then I guess you’re quite perfect. And yes, I do admit that you may be one of the most amazing singers out there. But the question is, are you really that good to copy other singer’s voices?

Yes, a true amazing singer can almost sing any song, but you’re one badass singer if you can sing to the tune of your favorite singer. Like maybe if you want to sound like Lil Jon, you can jack your voice up and sing Turn down for what! Or maybe from that ragged rapper, you want to sound a bit dramatic like Sam Smith.

Now, that would require you a bit of practice and a bit of editing. But that doesn’t stop this guy (which is also known as Roomie.) And yes, he had done 23 different voices!

So readers, prepare your ears to be serenaded because for the next few minutes, your ears will feel orgasmic with these voices!

So let’s just breath in and take all into one place.

Think of it as this way. He’s the kind of guy who can almost do a mashup of 23 songs! Like he can go for a dramatic Stay With Me then go for a Nickleback kind of rock. Or if he really is in the mood for good songs, he can go for Billie Joe of Green Day and maybe mash it up with another pop from Maroon 5.

But what made him more amazing is the fact that he can copy legends like Rick Astley and the very Internet famous Chocolate Rain voice Ted Zonday. That’s just sick!

So if you think you could throw Roomie out of the room (LOL), then record yourself with 24 other voices and send it to us. We’ll gladly take the role of the judge!