Watch This Adorable Pug Sing His Lungs Out On This Adorable Video

(source: Fun’n’Fun)



They’re cute, cuddly, adorable and howl like someone’s going to die on a movie. They will greet you with enthusiasm, lick your face with adorableness, and maybe growl (as if he is going to kill you) once he realized that he’s not familiar with your scent. Dogs should’ve been the best pet in the world, except that they bark as loud as they can to irritate your neighbors. Yep, that’s the nature of dogs.

Of course, dogs are the least kinds of animals that you really want to hear. It will always be like howling and growling, and then someone will either rise up from the dead or something. But with this dog, things came way too different. And to be honest, this one is hilariously cute.

So what if dogs howl? What if dogs make horrific sounds? Then I guess they can’t really sing, huh? Well, this pug proves that dogs can dream of being a Pavarotti!

To be honest, I don’t really care for these two humans. Like yeah, maybe the guy who drives can sing a note or too (and the other one was just sitting there like an awkward kid on a prom night), but the real star here is the pug.

We asked some “musical experts” on their feedback about the singing dog. And here was their reactions.

“He was just singing the notes with passion. You can actually feel the energy between those howls!” –  Self-proclaimed musical genius

“His notes were too low, but I guess that’s okay since he’s a dog.” Musical Professor on some school she made up.

“He’s a dog for Pete Sake! He can’t sing!” Award-Winning Musician (Best in Costume)

“And so? What if he’s a dog? He can sing! How about you? Can you even reach a good note, huh?” Award-Winning Musician (Best in Costume)’s band mate.

Yes, dog! You really raised us up!