If You’re Depressed and Down In The Dumps, Let This Singing Giraffe Comfort You!

(source: Sebastian Mayer)


We find comfort to the most unexpected sources of happiness when we are depressed and sad. Usually, we put all our efforts on food such as Mac and Cheese, cakes, and ice creams just to feel better. We could also find comfort by talking to those people that we don’t really spend time with. You’ll just soon realize that these people were actually good listeners, and you question yourself why are you not spending time with these people.

But today, you’ll probably feel better once you watch this giraffe singing Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On”.

Who would never fall in love with a giraffe that has the body of a human being? A giraffe that can move his neck awkwardly as he tries to lip sing one of the world’s memorable songs when it comes to sexiness and hope? Wouldn’t you find it sexy that a 8 foot tall giraffe can send shivers down to your spine as it uses its vocal chords to make you wild?

Sorry girlfriends, but I think I fell in love with this giraffe already.

This one helluva work is from none other than Sebastian Mayer (or simply Seb Mayer). He works as a Cardboard Mask maker and does other animals other than giraffes. For now, he sells 3 kinds of masks on his site called Partly Animal. One is a tiger mask. the other is a jaguar mask, and the best seller of them all is the chimpanzee mask.

For now, he’s still working on the other animals to make it sellable. If you want to try the giraffe mask in the video, you should definitely support his first batches of animal masks first before asking the giraffe one.

Hmm, now what would we look like if we get that chimpanzee mask and sing Macarena! LOL!