Red Bull Sky Divers Broke World Record With 164-Man Formation!

(source: Red Bull)


One of the items on my bucket list is to break a world record. I badly want to beat a world record and maybe show the world that I’m best at something. I do bet that most of our today’s record holders are really happy and proud about their achievements. And that’s one of the things that I really want to feel.

But sad to say, I can’t find anything that I could set. I kinda researched about every world record that I could set, and unfortunately, they are all difficult to meet. I mean, I think I can’t see a record that could be set by an amateur.

And what makes me feel worse is that another record was set this week. It’s from Red Bull with their skydivers. To sum it up, they got 164 skydivers who formed a flying flower. Like seriously, that was just awesome.

But the really worst part about this one is that they picked both pros and AMATEURS for this one. Argh! Another missed chance for a world record!

To be fair, Red Bull did a very great job in beating world records. It’s not easy gathering 164 people to create a perfect flying atom-like formation. I mean, what could happen if one accidentally bumped the other guy? Could they still pull it off?

With 164 diving enthusiasts, 7 planes, and 175mph of velocity, Red Bull’s bravest record breakers actually broke another new world record. Ugh, now that made me feel worse again.

Look, if an amateur could take part of that diving record, then they should’ve invited me or something. I can dive and form a human flower in mid-air! Some people even say that I’m good at team activities!

Oh well, I guess I need to research another record to break.