This Guy Loved His Grandmother So Much, That He Did This With A Ladder!


What can you create with your burning passion, your fiery love for flames, a hot idea, and the warmest heart that loves your grandma? Well, you could create your very own Human Torch! Or maybe, you could create your very own “Stairway to Heaven” that will be the hot topic on the Internet!

But before we dwell on that deeper, what do you always do to surprise your Grandma? Do you gather all your cousins and hide under the table to give her a big welcome? Do you shout SURPRISE while giving her hugs? Do you do the house chores so that she could rest for a bit?

Well, a certain Chinese pyro-lover (Cai Guoqiang) thought of the greatest surprise for her granny. And no, this guy already had enough of those chocolates (cause he knew Granny hates those things that stick on her mouth’s roof) and roses (because they’re just too mainstream.)

So what he did is he created a burning ladder that shoots up in the air, all while presenting it in the most badass way as possible!

So instead of your usual airplane that creates smoky word entrails, he installed a wire ladder that was completely covered in gunpowder while attaching it on a weather balloon. And what was the result? A freaking ladder that looks more badass than Samuel Jackson’s character in the movie Snakes on A Plane!

According to sources, it wasn’t the first time Cai tried to pull this stunt off. This was his 3rd time and it was a success. The first time was in 1994 when the winds ruined his stunt. The second one was in 2001, but also failed because of the scare caused by the 9-11 bombing.

So yes, this was all for you, Grandma Cai!

Enjoy your burning ladder that will lead you to heaven, Grandma! And remember that Cai loves you!

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