This Is How You Put Your Baby To Sleep In Less Than 10 Seconds!

(source: Nathan Dailo)


Another headache that most parents face every day is to put their babies to sleep. Like seriously, you got your various tricks like singing a lullaby, or maybe rocking your baby back and forth. But no matter what trick you use, you’ll always eat up 15-30 minutes at least to put your babies to a light slumber.

When I was taking care of my nephew, I usually hum a nice tune and tap his legs lightly. I’ll cover him up with his favorite blanket and maybe let him suck some milk from his bottle. And after some time, he’ll just fall asleep.

Now, imagine if you’re about to go to work and you need your baby to sleep ASAP. Can you have a shorter way to put them into that slumbering goodness? Or should you just like wish that you have magic powers or something so you could go to work ASAP while putting your kid to sleep.

One YouTube user found a hack that could eventually make his baby asleep in less than 10 seconds. Yep, he can make his son sleepy before that Budweiser commercial finish its crappy beer infomercial.

All he did was to wave a tissue paper and lightly rubbed it to his baby’s face.

And in seconds, the baby just closed its eyes and fell asleep.


But for those parents who thought that this trick is just sick (because most probably, he put some chloroform in it,) you got to calm your pants. The video uploader assures you that it’s just soft tissue and tender loving care from his cuddly parental hands.

So how did this work?

Well, some babies feel calm after feeling soft textures on their skin. Just like those soft taps and blankies, tissue can also work your baby.

So the next time you really meet a parent who’s kid is just crying in public, give him/her a tissue paper and order him/her to start rubbing.