This Young Sleeping Monk Proves That Monks Need Some Snooze, Too!

(source: idigfastfood)


Have you been to work/school with almost no sleep at all? It’s like you’ve been on a total trance and everything looks very vivid and foggy as you try to get through 8 hours of education and labor with your 4 hours sleep, or maybe sometimes fewer than that.

We all had that moment before. But since we really don’t want to fail our bosses and professors, we still make an attendance even though we are fluffed up. And while you’re at chair “studying” or “working” your “arse off”, your head suddenly tilts. Your eyes begin to flutter as your vision turns a dim black.

Yes, you just want to take a quick nap but you can’t. Well, it’s not like you can’t, but you just don’t want to. You need to focus on your task or else you’ll get reprimanded… But your head says that you really need to take a nap now.

Okay, that a kind of struggle that we all know. And I bet my marbles that this little monk knows this too. He really, really knows the struggle of this one!

Aww, men! Another Zen lesson? I don’t wanna do this anymore!

It seems like our monastery kid had trouble sleeping, causing him to literally fall asleep in during his lessons.

Ugh, should I really be doing this again? Let me just grab some zzzs! Please!

But it seems like his classmate and friend knows that his zen buddy isn’t really doing any good at all.

So what is his solution for this one?

“Dude, seriously… You got to wake up! You look funny in the camera!” the monk in the back most probably said while tugging his friend back.

So the next time you have a party and you got some monk-related lessons the next day, don’t ever sit with this kid! And you might also want to maybe get some sleep more if you can.