You Can Never Guess How This Girl Popped Off Her Loosen Tooth From Her Mouth.

(source: CatersTV)


Believe it or not, almost 75% of Americans have mild to severe fear of the dentists.

Of course, who’s not scared of pain? Who’s not scared when they hear whirling sound of the death drill. Who’s not scared of sitting on that electric chair, your mouth opened as you are paralyzed with whatever these dentists have inserted on your cavities.

So when you want your tooth to be removed without being sanitized by those medically certified “clean” butchers, you’ll choose those quick ways to remove your tooth (just like tying your tooth on a door and closing it immediately).

However, there will be no doors for this little lady cause she believe that doors are for wussies. Instead of blaming some doors and disturbing other neighbors, she used another way to extract her loose tooth.

Oh yes, like what you’ve seen on the video. She used a slingbow.

11-year-old Alexis were trying to come up with a way to remove her loose tooth, and they’re not contented with the dandy-door technic. They thought of something awesome and came up with the slighbow.

So she tied a knot on her loosen tooth, pulled the sling, stretched it far enough so that the arrow could swoosh easily. And then… SWOOSH!

The tooth popped out from her mouth.

According to Alexa, she was surprised that it didn’t hurt. This is why she also challenged other kids to record themselves doing what she just did (of course, that is if you have your own slingbow).

The one recording the video, Jason McDonald who is also her dad, has made various viral videos with alligators. He once crossed a river with full of alligators with just a line, and even played tricks with crocodiles (which lead him to various bites). Well, no wonder why her daughter agreed to this one. She’s pretty much as adventurous as her dad.

So kids, if you really want to prove your skill as a target shooter, wait for your teeth to loosen up and use this chance to show that no dentist could ever visit you again, thanks to your archery prowess!