LOL! Someone Mashed Up Slipknot With Ricky Martin’s Livin’ La Vida Loca, And It Was Too Funny!



If you’re really a die-hard fan of the rock metal industry, then you must’ve known the epic Slipknot.

These guys may look kinda creepy at first since they look like someone from the movie Hellraiser. But if you really liked the music of grinding guitar strings, rocking drum beats and glorious screaming, then you will definitely like them. And seriously, they got some awesome music that one should not really underestimate. Because whether you felt like they’re too creepy or they’re just plain awesome, you can’t take away the fact that they’re pretty popular.

Now, we all know that the Internet will most certainly make the most awesome (and awkward) mashups in the history of music. They’ve created various combinations that will certainly make you laugh. And in this particular video, they created something that will most probably infuriate Slipknot’s fans.

But if you have that secret love to Ricky Martin under that tough love with Slipknot, then you’d definitely love this video. No one’s going to stop you from laughing your ass off!

Combine those heave rock motions, superior growling like mouth, scary costumes, head banging, Hellraiser, and a bit of Latina heat, and you’ll get this!

Come on! I mean I thought that they were really singing Livin’ La Vida Loca. Just imagine Slipknot doing a live concert and then exclaiming that they will be encouraging their rock fans to shake their booty to some fancy music?

To be honest, I will definitely look forward for that combination to happen. I would really like to see rock fans hold each other’s hands together and maybe dance to the rhythm. Now that would definitely attract more fans because it will make them look less scary.

So for Slipknot, I hope you could watch this video and consider this song on your playlist!

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