This May Look Like Your Ordinary Burger Meal, But When You Discover How It Was Prepared… WOW!

(source: Nameless)


I know that everyone loves McDonalds. And I also know for a fact that our tummies can growl and crave for a Big Mac anytime. So when we feel like we need to chomp down something from McD, we usually order online or maybe take a 30 minute drive just to satisfy your hunger. And then, after wasting those time and energy for a very unhealthy snack just to satisfy you’re not so important crave, you feel guilty.

I know you just wanted to please your stomach, but you’re also afraid that all those calories could just occupy your stomach forever. But since you are a badass and you know that you could actually work off those pounds, you decided to give in.

But wait! Since Japan is well-known for their creativity and their ability to invent stuff that could solve our little but troubling matters, they figured out how to settle with that crave for fast food.

And guess what? They got the cutest and most unbelievable solution for this one. All you need to do is to have a microwave, some stirring power, and love for cute stuff.

So eventually, Japan have created the cutest and the most adorable instant burger, French fries and Soda kit. And you don’t really have to feel guilty because these are just small in sizes.

What’s amazing with these adorable foods is that they are made up of instant powder. All you need to do is to add some water.

According to those who have purchased the set, it does kinda taste like the real thing. The burger is really made up of meet and chicken bits. And yes, it also does have a cheese on it.

And the taste? Oh yes, they really do taste like the real thing!

So if you’re already craving for some fast food, go to freaking Japan and make yourself a miniature Big Mac with their cute food set!