TAKE A PIC! Make Better Pictures With These 8 Smartphone Camera Hacks!

(source: COOPH)


It’s really rare to see someone to use an actual camera in taking pictures. Yes, there will always be some people who’ll use those Point and Shoot cameras, but more people are much more comfortable when they use their smartphones. Not only because they’re lightweight and more portable compared to some cameras, you can also edit images from these phones easily.

Yes, a lot of smartphones do now have a lot of features for any picture-perfect patrons to choose from. A lot of apps are also giving users more choices and settings to achieve the image that they picture in their mind. However, there are some tricks that only we can apply to our phones.

Photographers, Snapchat addicts and Instagram addict; this video is perfect for you!

Now, you may have better images (and save some time in achieving those complicated pictures) by watching this video. (Take your smartphone out now and try these tricks along the way).

#1 Areal – No need to get drones for those dramatic areal images! All you need to do is to fill an industrial balloon with helium, and tie your phone on it using a fishing wire.

#2 Sunglass Filter Ever had sceneries that were both dark and bright at the same time? Use gradient sunglasses to make that perfect balanced temperature for pictures!

#3 Pinhole – Make your images look like it came from old school cameras by punching a piece of cardboard with a pin and hold it in front of the lens

#4 3D Frame – Subjects can look like 3D if you put a cutout Polaroid frame on it.

#5 Tiny Planet – Panoramas are not really insta-friendly, so you may want to download apps that converts your panorama pictures into cute planets!

#6 High-key – Just hold your finger on the screen to get that constant crisp exposure that you’re looking for!

#7 Inception selfie – Take pics of random pics, crop it off and take a picture with those things as your wallpaper. This makes great, creative selfies

#8 DIY Projector – Get some camera lens or a magnifying glass, put  it inside a box and you’ll now have your own projector!

See? Who says that a little creativity won’t affect your smartphones ability to take breath-taking pictures?!