You Can Now Use Your Ordinary Smartphone As A Hologram Projector With This DIY Project!

    (source: Mrwhosetheboss)


    One of the main things that I’m really looking forward to right now is holograms. It’s not like we don’t really have holograms with our current technology, but I’m looking forward into something that’s “fuller” in terms of presence. I know that you’ve already seen a lot of holograms in various movies, and you could actually see that they are quite more impressive compared to the holograms that we have today.

    Not everyone could afford to have their very own hologram. Some holograms require you to have mega-computers and high-quality cameras to give you that “bold” hologram effect. If you’re planning on using your smartphones, it will only give you nothing.

    But what if you could make your very own hologram without using those bulky super computers? What if you could build your very own hologram machine without using flashy cameras or super-high def lenses?

    Yes, that is now quite impossible! All you need to do is to have the following:

    • Graph paper
    • CD Case (old or new, as long as it’s clear and clean) or you could use a thin sheet of glass
    • Tape or Super Glue
    • Pen
    • Scissors
    • Smartphone
    • Knife or Glass Cutter

    If you have these things prepared, then you’re ready to go!

    1. First, you need to create a trapezoid with a length of 1cm for the top length, 3.5cm for the sides, and 6cm for the base.
    2. Now, use that pattern and trace 4 pieces of it on your cd case (or glass). Be careful not to break the pieces.
    3. Now, tape or glue the pieces together to create a funnel. Make sure that they’re stuck together perfectly.
    4. Now, download any hologram video and play it on your phone. Make sure that your “funnel” is placed on the center of your phone.
    5. Enjoy your hologram experience!

    So, how was your hologram experience? Who ever knew that your smartphone could have something like that, right?