You’ll Never Be As Cool And Relaxed As This Adorably SNORING Pug!

(source: Toxa Avdeyev)


Living with 4 paws, salivating mouth and some cute aura circulating around you is not as easy as it looks like. It’s pretty tiring. You need to bark cutely so that your owner’s special someone would like you. You need to wag your tail furiously so that humans will find you “amusing”. You need to chase them even though their one single step is equal to 15 tiny steps (screw you tiny paws!) and you just can’t freaking bite them because you’re not allowed to.

This is why when people leave you and you just want to take a relaxing bath under the sun, you just want it to be peaceful and quiet. And slowly, you dip your itchy butt in the water and bask yourself with warm sun. Aaaaah! That would be such a delighting feeling.

But then again, humans are quite arseholes. They will definitely record everything that you do.

And when you thought that you can do anything once they’re away, they’ll just record you while you let out a satisfying snore… I mean, can’t we really get a time off?

If you’re a pug like this guy in the video, then I guess your fun-time is finally over. You’ll never get the privacy that you always wanted because you are a pug!

Yep, there’s a thing called pug discrimination and you’re just another victim!

It’s a given fact that when pugs sleep, their owners would wake them up and “force” them to play. That’s like force labor, right?

And on this video, you could clearly see that the pug really needs his rest badly. He even had this breathing problem and he just wants this to go away by resting. But nope, humans will be humans, and they will discriminate you because you are cute, short and has the ability to snore.

Poo soul… I guess pugs will never get the chance to sleep peacefully.

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