Meet Steve Moore, The Drummer Who’s More Engaging Than The Vocalist!

(source: Mad Drummer Fan Channel)


What will you do if the music is just sooo satisfying and energizing that you just want to freaking move your body with it? I know there are some times when the music was just too good and your body just wants to dance with it. Or maybe if you’re playing a song and you think that the energy wasn’t enough to compensate for the awesomeness of that song.

Anyone could just move their body if they want to (especially when the music is too great). But sometimes, it’s just quite odd when you dance or maybe give in to the music a little. Like maybe if you’re pooping and you suddenly danced. Or what if you’re on an orchestra and you just wanted to play an awesome solo?

If you’re on a gig and you just feel the beat rushing in your veins, you can actually blurt out.

That is, if it’s really appropriate to blurt out on that certain number.

Meet Steve Moore, a not so ordinary drummer who just wants to have fun in playing drums. A kid that grew on a musically inclined lifestyle, Steve had all the musical influence that he needs to perform great. He aimed nothing but to become one of the best drummers.

As a drummer you couldn’t be the best there is if you don’t do something funny or creative. And to come up with that solution, he decided to copy some mannerism from other famous musician. Then POOF! He was the drummer that you wished could play on your parties!

This video was recorded from one of his gigs. And just like what you just have guessed, he owned the stage like a boss! He used these different mannerisms to make people happy and hyped. People liked him so much that his video became viral.

So musicians out there, don’t just settle for the usual. Be different just like Steve and you’ll get yourself a place in the music industry.