Meet Steven Brundage, The Amazing Rubik’s Cube Magician!

(source: Steven Brundage)


If you’re going to do a magic trick, the best things to pick up are the traditional things like magic hat, a magic wand, some rings, a rope (or a piece of string), a handkerchief, some bunnies or pigeons, a sword (?), some beautiful assistant who’d be “chopped” and “diced”, and maybe some flash paper. These are the things that you’ll need, right?

Now, imagine if you’re not that kind of magician? Imagine if you’re the kind of magician who doesn’t wear robes or anything?

Now, imagine if you’re the kind of magician who would visit a different kind of shop to get your show on the road?

“Hmm… Let’s see! So I have a show later at New York. Now where should I go to get the things that I need? Should I visit the magician’s shop? Nope! Well, I guess I have to visit the old toy shop!”


Well, if you’re Steven Brundage,  then this might sound reasonable.

Don’t be fooled by his awesome face and chinky-eye, oriented smile because he can totally own you once he show you his tricks that’s based on Rubik’s cube.

Yep, you heard it darn right! This guy does magic by using your dreaded childhood cube!

With a flick of a finger, he can solve these cubes without even touching them!

Steven was already featured on various shows in the US. And believe it or not, he even got our from a speeding ticket just by performing a magic trick to some officers.

Don’t underestimate this magician, he can still do some other tricks with the use of other mediums like cards. But what made him really cool and iconic is his way with cubes.

Lesson of this content? If you’re a magician and you got cards on your seat, ask the officer if they like to see a show, and probably use your skill to skip a ticket (but seriously, don’t do it. You made us non-magicians look bad).