What Happens When You Combine Sumo Wrestling With Video Game Effect? This Happens!

(source: MuraimoJapan)


Do you ever like playing video games? Do you like those special effects that come when your character is doing its special move? Maybe when you tried classics like Tekken, Virtual Fighter, Street Fighter or other fighting games, you’ll definitely see lightning and force-like projectiles coming from the fighters. These things really add much to those awesome moves, right?

You can consider me as one of those people who imagine real life fighting as something that came out from a video game. I’d imagine these people having health bars above their head and a power meter, which if was filled to the brim, it will help them release a super move.

But of course, that’s clearly not possible. I mean, fighting like boxing and sumo wrestling may totally look badass, but it’s just not as entertaining as it could be with lasers and stuff.

To fix this, a certain YouTube user edited a sumo fight and incorporated it with some special effects. And seriously, you got to watch this fight!

The result of the said alchemy? A real badass sumo fight that went from typical meh to OMG THIS IS SOME AWESOME VIDEO!

I mean, why didn’t anyone think of this one? Imagine watching Ronda Rousey fighting of her enemies with laser beams and fireballs! Imagine boxers acting like M.Bison from street fighter! Imagine if Taekwondo players have health bars above their heads? Those will surely make anyone a sports fan!

And imagine if they were in real life? Like people would dodge those lasers and shockwaves because they could easily be knocked out one they were hit by these things!

I just hope that whenever events like these happen in real life, they should ensure that outsiders are safe from those blasts. And maybe they should also be careful not to destroy the Earth while fighting.

Thank you, YouTube, for making sports 100 times cooler!