This Professional Surfer Just Had A Close Encounter With A Shark That Almost Took His Life!

(source: Bita Loco)


Sharks are like Kanye West in the ocean. Yes, you’ve heard of their existence and you really like reading stuff about them (like how they act, eat, interact with people and live), but you don’t really want to meet them face to face. When they come in your way, you just want to stir a bit immediately so that your eyes won’t meet.

No one could actually predict when a shark will attack. There will be times when you know that they’re there but they won’t bug you. There will be times when you don’t really see them, but they’ll just pop out of nowhere. And when this happens, everything goes crappy.

But wait, the sea is our friend, right?

Well, we’re sorry to hurt your (sea) bubbles because a professional surfer just got a close call with Mother Nature’s body guards! And when we say close call, it’s a VERY VERY CLOSE CALL!

Mick Fanning was one of the finalist in J-Bay Open. Just like any other surfing competition, you are required to stir yourself to the waves. But this time, someone was stirring behind his back.

Just like what you’ve just seen on the video, Fanning was followed by a shark. And when you followed by a shark, you’ll either become food or another person who just faced death closely.

Luckily, Fanning escaped the close encounter of the shark by kicking, punching and screaming. The attack was caught live on webcast.  Yikes! And yes, he escaped unscathed.

The World Surf League (WSL) decided not to finish the match and just split the prize money to the two finalists (the other one was Julian Wilson).

After the attack, Fanning was immediately rescued by the authorities.

Never ever underestimate the power of sharks. Yes, they may look silent and timid, but you’ll definitely regret was you’ve been chomped by these creatures.

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