WTF?!These Guys Gutted And Filleted This Fish, But It Can Still Swim!

(source: Jimmy Huynh)


NewsTycoon is clearly known to unearthen the most WTF videos on the Internet. We had your usual pranks, funny commercials and even probably the lamest but creepiest videos on the face of the planet. And seriously, our team of researchers can easily satisfy you with the latest videos that will most probably question reality and your sanity.

Previously, we featured a video that shows a headless fish moving like crazy after her “consumers” tried de-scaling it. And to be honest, we thought that this particular video was the most unbelievable video of all time (because seriously, a moving headless fish can be terrifying.) But little did we know that there are other videos portraying “zombie fishes”.

So first, we had that headless wobbling fish who seriously didn’t want to get its scales off. And now, we got a freaking filleted fish without guts and everything, swimming freely as it believes that it’s still alive and all.

If you’re the kind of person who’s also an animal activist, you may want to back out for a minute. Like maybe chill yourself out or so because this video is really not meant for you.

So these guys have removed half of the fleshy part of this fish. They also removed the guts to make sure that it’s not really alive. But guess what? This fish doesn’t even care at all!

So yes, they removed half of its body muscles and took out its guts, but that doesn’t make that fish a lesser fish! It’s still a fish and it will do whatever it likes!

But okay, I believe that there’s still no zombie apocalypse coming sooner. We don’t really need to panic right now and maybe hire a Brad Pitt to round around like what he did in World Wide Z.

So the question here is this… How did this happen?

Only the fish knows this answer… Whooo!