Tantattoos – Is This Really The New Tanning Hip of 2015?

Sun tan tattoos
Would you do this?

Summer is the time where you mostly enjoy your day, basking in the sun while aiming for that sweet brown tan you always dreamed of. You just want to enjoy your drink, listen to some old-school reggae as you wait your skin to crisp under the glorious heat of the sun.

For some, having that brownish flavor on their skin is quite enough. However, some teens are aiming for something beyond tan. They’re actually burning their skin under the harsh rays of the sun just to achieve a patterned burnt. This is what they call sunburnart, suntattoo or simply tantattoo.

So maybe inked tattoo is somehow more permanent and painful than tantattoo. Maybe the idea of having tattoo needles stab your delicate skin is more cringing than letting your beautiful skin crisp like fried chicken.

But seriously, do you really look cool when you got tantattoos?

To achieve tantattoos, you must cover your skin with a paper or cloth patterned so that only the uncovered areas will be tanned. In this way, you can have an air-sprayed like look from the patterned tan. Isn’t that cool?

Well… It does look somehow cool, except the mere fact that it could lead to melanoma or even skin cancer.


suntan art
Tan “Lines”



According to Skin Cancer Foundation, tanning your skin with the use of the Sun is not only painful, but dangerous as well. It causes the acceleration of skin aging, it increases your chances of getting skin cancer and most probably, gives you a higher chance of getting melanoma.


amazing suntan art
This is just too much!


So yep, in exchange of your suntan tattoo (that could only last for weeks), you’re risk of getting skin cancer increased for a lifetime. What a dandy exchange!

So if you’re thinking of getting your own tantattoo, you better have a second thought about this first.

Who knows? You could already suffer from Melanoma, with a bonus of having that sazzy Batman tantattoo on your back!

Sun tan tattoos
Uhm, Tanman?


(Cover Photo Source: globalnews