This Story About An Old Bookstore Owner and A Beggar Will Surely Make You Cry!

(source: Vizer)


Thai commercials are known to have an emotional effect on people. They’re known to freaking pull the plug and release our feels. Compared to other commercials, Thais can simply touch your heart in less than 5 minutes. From heartbreaking stories of families, deaths that can be avoided if the main protagonist listened to his parents, to unknown people meeting halfway through only to realize that they’re really connected, Thais are pretty creative when creating stories for their ads.

Whenever I watch those ads, I make sure that I have a hanky nearby (and maybe a tub of ice cream to help myself contemplate on all the things that I’ve done) because Thai commercials are pretty great.

One recent commercial that buzzed on the Internet was created to advertise a brand of CCTV camera. In westernized countries, CCTV cam ads would always depict security issues like burglary.

However, this commercial reached their audience in a different approach. So guys, get ready to hug your boyfriend, girlfriend, relatives, or someone who’s sitting beside you because we’ll be riding the feel train after watching this video.

The old man in the video (which owns a bookstore called FRIENDSHIP) was shooing this beggar from his store. Thinking that the beggar might scare his customers away, he’d always do something to persuade this unlikely visitor to go away. And at his delight, the beggar stopped appearing after one day.

But like any other clichés, this old man missed the beggar. So in order to find out what happened to him, he searched for the CCTV footages of this beggar.

Little did this old geezer know that this beggar was actually helping him and his shop. The beggar picked up the bottles, shooed the vandals away, and stopped a thief (but only cost his life.)

So yes, I know how sad it is. And yes, that makes me want to hug you, too!