These 2 Thai Boxers Drank Something Before Finishing The Bout, And You Won’t Believe The Very Next Thing They Did!

(source: Aei Attanon)


Two strong Thai boxers, two determined male individuals with intimidating faces, one long sip from a smoothie, and then everything went “smooth”. Indeed, it’s not a common sight in Thai Boxing to see two fighters grooving their way towards victory.

This funny Thai boxing commercial was made by a certain brand of yogurt drink called Dutch Mill, to show how “soft” and smooth-textured their drink was.

After these two Thai boxers sipped furiously from their yogurt drink and met in the middle of the ring, they starting dancing, grinding and waving gracefully in front of the camera. It also came to a point that even the referee of the match swayed with the boxers!

Two Thai Boxers

This commercial was aired on June 2012 and bagged a couple of awards (such as Spikes Asia 2012 Film Food and Products Bronze, LOTUS Best of Savory Foods & Seasoning  Bronze,  and another one from Asia Pacific AdFest. But the best award that could’ve won by this commercial is its customers’ hearts. After all, boxers are the perfect characters in promoting creamy yogurt drink.

Gruesome Boxing Match
Overly Manly Man’s words with yogurt drink

Advertisements such as this one were already common in the world of marketing. Some brands thought of using “weird” approaches so that their viewers would easily remember the product. As with this commercial, the aim was to make people laugh. When they are happy, it will leave a lasting impression on their brains, leaving the essence of the commercial (together with the brand and the product itself) on the memories of the viewers. This will then help viewers to easily recall a certain product.

This means whenever these happy viewers buy any kind of drink similar to yogurt drink, they will most probably remember Dutch Mill. This will now be the persuading factor that will make the viewers’ decision to actually buy the product.

As of today, Dutch Mill still creates various commercials that trigger its customer’s funny bones.

The question is: Did Dutch Mill succeeded in attracting sales with this very funny ad? Is humor the best way to attract customers? I think this is for you to decide.

And so if you’re a professional boxer and you really want to toughen up, avoid drinking smooth and creamy yogurt drinks or else, you’ll end up grooving to the beat like in this funny Thai boxing commercial.

Yogurt Drink
Makes you manly!