Thai Steve-O Wannabe Regrets Putting Fire Ants’ Nest On His Dong… Like WTF?

(source: Granirim2XML)


Darwin’s Natural Selection states that only those creatures that have the characteristics to survive has the probability to live further. However, those that don’t possess such characteristics (such as knowledge and intelligence) don’t live through generations. This theory was proven with the help of various animals from different places. Little do some know that natural selection can also be applied with humans. Take this Thai for example.

A certain youngster from the city of Rayong, Thailand had a dream. This dream is to become one of the most idealistic characters in life. Forget being Einstein! Forget being Gandhi! Forget being Bush! Forget being Mayweather! This is because no one could be more awesome than American’s Famous Jackass, Steve-O!

And how could you show the world that you can be him? Most probably, you need to be a stunt man like him! For example, why not take a nest of fire ants and rub it on your private parts? That would definitely show how manly you are!

So is it really a wise idea to rub your manly part on a nest of stinging ants? I’ll give you 5 seconds to think about it!

Or maybe, you won’t need 5 seconds to realize that it’s not a good idea.

Fire ants are named not only because of their flaming red color, but also because of the pain that you’ll experience once you’ve been stung by these peaceful creatures. Why not get real fire if you can feel that burning sensation without the risk of burning your own house, right?

Let’s admit it. If it wasn’t for his friends who were willing to rub and rinse his junk after bravely rubbing it on a nest full of ants, he wouldn’t be able to survive this feat.

Thank you, Christ Pontius, for showing that you every Steve-O wannabe should have their own partner in life! May it be a stunt of ant-junk rubbing or just putting yourself in near danger, you must remember that you need friends to help you with them! And may this ‘lesson’ help that Thai youngster in increasing his probability in surviving by giving him wisdom and intelligence, and make him realize that these things stunts will not help him live on!