EXCLUSIVE! Unidentified Object Found Blazing Across Bangkok, Thailand’s Skies!

(source: Porjai Jaturongkhakun)


Ever wished that you could make a wish after seeing a meteorite or a shooting star glowing and zooming passed above you? Well, millions of Thais got lucky (and maybe a bit scared) after seeing an unidentified shining object. And seriously, seeing a bright glowing shooting object on the sky while you are enjoying your cup of coffee is just one of the least expected things that most Thais would do this week.

Thais were definitely awed by the majestic sighting as a single burning object suddenly flashed on the peaceful sky of Bangkok. At first, it came as a shooting star like manner, then it flashed so bright like it exploded on mid-flight.

The video above, which was taken by Prjai Jaturongkhakun, was just one of the videos that captured the unidentified object. According to video’s description, he was just heading to his usual workplace when the fireball showed up. This all happened in Ngamwongwas Roaad, Nonthaburi.

As of now, dozens of speculations and theories were suggested by the viewers. Some said that it could be an aircraft falling from the sky, but this idea was rebutted since it came too fast to be debris.

Other believed that it was a satellite falling. But then again, people rebutted it.

For some major scientists, the only logical thing that could be identical to this object is a meteorite.

As of now, nobody still knows what this object was. There are still rumors and speculations, but none of them were proven.

Authorities are now investigating whether there were reports of falling aircrafts that could match the time this object appeared. So as of now, all we could do is to just shrug it off and live another day.

Well, maybe the good thing here is that you were able to make a wish from that falling object, right?