This Cat Does Not Want You To Use This ATM!



Greece is currently having their worst monetary problems on their history while some people can’t simply withdraw some cash from the ATM because of some “unexpected problem”.

Is it a system problem that was caused by nationwide hacking, affecting various accounts and wasting millions of money? Or is it like Greece that suffers greatly because of a humongous debt that they can’t currently pay because of some reason at all?

Well, we wish that those exciting reasons were the one that caused this shenanigan. But it turns out that neither of the two are the reason why this group of people can’t withdraw anything from the ATM.

So what really caused this one? Well, we got 5 clues for you. LIVING, SWIPING, FURRY, CLAWS, OF DOOM! Not sure yet? You better watch that video before your curiosity could kill the uhm…. CAT!

So yes, there’s a certain ATM out there that can’t release money not because it can’t, but because there’s something that doesn’t want anybody to withdraw.

As this guy try to swipe his card (or maybe taunt the resting kitty), the “ferocious” feline swipes it away. Why? Because that’s her ATM! That’s why!

Of course, who the hell wants anyone to ruin your digitally inclined bed? No human shall be allowed to do that!

Well, instead of stopping puny humans from withdrawing some greens from the machine, this cat could do better if she:

Stop people from stealing on groceries store – And then, all the isles should have this kind of cat that will claw your fingers once they feel like your stealing.

Stop people from getting too much free stuff – Yes, I know that they’re free taste, but you don’t need to treat as your lunch!

Stop people from wasting too much money ­– And that cat will go at the top of cashiers, swiping you away once they found out that you already spent too much money on ice cream.

Yes, if only this cat was that useful.. *sigh*