This Guy Created The Biggest “Big Mac” In McDonalds, And The Result Is Just Mouth-Watering!

(source: Moshe Tamssot)


You already know that McDonalds is totally owning that kiosk which allows their customers to build their own burgers. With this, people are allowed to create their own specialty burger (because I think the Big Mac combo is just too mainstream.) And seriously, a lot of people loved the idea of putting their own creations come to life.

However, some people just wanted to take everything over the edge. Since McDonalds gave them the freedom to build their own masterpieces, then that means you could also build your own monster like Frankenstein. How cool is that!

So yes, a YouTuber tried maxing out all the ingredients just to see if the crew could handle such order. I mean, why allow those to have 10x if they can’t really put up with it? So yes, try to live with this man’s expectations and give him what he ordered. A freaking 10x Big Max!

You heard that right! Instead of a Big Mac, this guy created a Big Max (and clearly, he beat the record of the most number of used ingredients for a “burger”.) But who knows? Maybe it does look good?

Well, let me take that back. It doesn’t really look like a burger at all. It’s just like a freaking food fest with all the sadness of all the flavor and ingredients have cooked up inside.

And the funniest part of this one? The cashier just went nuts after discovering that this guy did the impossible (which is uhm, possible if you’re crazy.)

The serving was terribly disappointing. I mean, I would really like to see it as a burger, but since the crew said it kept on falling and falling, they have to serve it on separate plates. Ugh!

But still, that’s kinda neat right? McDonalds really met our expectations!

So yes, congratulations Mcdonalds!