This Video Of A Koala Chasing An ATV Will Leave You Laughing Really Hard!



One of my worst dreams is to be chased by a savage animal. I really don’t like the idea of having an animal tirelessly chasing me like it’s going to eat me. Thinking about it makes me cringe and shake with fear. Because for me, being chased by a feral animal is like looking face to face with Death while solving a math problem that if not answered correctly, it triggers a time bomb. It’s that hard and scary.

In my life, I’ve already been chased by a lot of animals. I got puppies, kittens, raccoons, monkeys and other typical animals that love to chase. Insects such as mosquitoes, bees, and wasps are my runner-ups (lol, runner-ups.)

Yes, this idea is the kind of phobia that you don’t others to know. But after watching a certain video, I believed that my phobia wasn’t really the worst.

Now, think like you’re on an ATV and there’s this adorable Koala chasing you ruthlessly. Will you really let that koala intimidate you?

Well, this Australian woman proves that even the cuddliest koala bear could pose death. She just drove the ATV as fast as she can (because dear Lord have mercy on me cause I really don’t want to have a pitiful death by marsupials.) Still clueless, she started driving faster. But because ATVS don’t run that fast (and this marsupial mayhem was either really fast, or just an offspring of The Flash and another marsupial), the koala caught her… by the tire.

Why did the koala hugged the tire? We don’t really know.

Why did she drove that fast if the koala only wants a hug? We don’t really know.

And what makes that ATV tire so pleasing, addicting and huggable to the koala’s perception? We don’t really know either.

Oh koala, you’re just a majestic Australian creature.