This Funny ‘The Grudge’ Prank Is Just Too Much To Handle!

(source: Canal Boom)


Today’s generation of pranksters is either scumbags or just plain smart when it comes to their tricks. From the ages of putting whoopee cushion on your friend’s chairs, buying fake vomit splashes, creating fake poops out of scrunched up toilet paper rolls, pranksters have evolved into something way better.

Today’s pranks are either a friendly sucker punch for humor or just a deadly punch on the gut. Yes, the intensity of today’s pranks can really kill you (if you got unlucky). And with this prank, it can give you a heck of a heart attack once you’ve been victimized by these pranksters.

Now, what will you do when you’re walking alone with you friend, in the middle of a random road, alone, when its dark, and something may happen to you. Like maybe a thief, a robber, or maybe a floating lady which screams like she’s going to steal your soul?

Maybe you should’ve chosen the robber, huh?

A YouTube prankster with the name Canal Boom has been creating tons and tons of viral prank videos for almost a year now, and most of them earned more than a million views. Why? That is most probably because their videos are just so gruesome, so detailed and so funny, that you’ll die of either a heart attack or an overdose of happiness in the heart.

The funny thing about this video is that some of them are willing to leave their companions (or worse, their girlfriends) just to be safe. Well, I’d better be off alive rather than being succumbed by a screaming banshee of death, right?

So it’s survival of the fittest when it comes to a banshee, huh?

Anyway, this only shows how freaked up people are when it comes to floating ghosts. And yes, it also shows how pranksters are super serious when scaring the heck out of people.

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