This School Bought 36 Apple iMacs Just To Create This Awesome Wheel!

(source: Gearoge Fox University)


Here is a very basic match questions that most preschoolers answer. Try to answer it with your best.

Mara and Kenan bought 36 iMac from the Apple Store. They bought everything by using Mara’s credit card so you don’t really have to worry about the prize and the calculation of these items. They drove a car back to their university and used these iMacs for their computer classes. As usual, these iMacs have their own boxes.

So if Mara and Kenan bought 36 iMacs, then they have 36 boxes with them. Yes, they have 36 freaking iMac empty boxes. They don’t really have no idea of what to make out of these boxes because you know, they’re just boxes from Apple. They don’t really have any use at all. These boxes can’t even use WiFi or something.

The question is: What the heck can you do with 36 boxes of iMac?

Well, a university can answer you that one!

You see, George Fox University just bought 36 iMacs for their IT department when suddenly, they thought of something about the boxes. Instead of throwing them away, they decided to tape all the boxes together to form a gigantic wheel.

We tried looking the iWheel but we failed to get its specs. So we asked our “techie” to identify the specs of this wonderful product from Apple.

  • 5” Clear Tape – Who needs a big scratch proof screen when you can just use a 5” thick tape to stick these boxes together!
  • No Siri – Now, no one will ever ask you and question your intelligence as to why did such a magnificent thing!
  • Runs on grass, marble and other types of pavement – Does you iPhone run on iOS8? Psheesh! Our iWheel can run on almost any surface! And yes, you don’t need to upgrade it anymore!

Now, if only this university could give at least one iMac to our office, that would be just great!