This Guy Proves That You Can Actually Fish With Your Drone!

(source: Farmer Derek Klingenberg)


Last time, we featured a fisherman getting so infuriated with a flying drone that he uses his keen eyes and dad-like muscular strength to snag a drone. Luckily, the drone didn’t stagger and continued flying. And yes, we named it drone fishing. Pretty neat for a word play, right?

However, a certain video was sent to us by a certain reader and thought that he could technically beat our video. So we accepted the challenge and watched the vid ourselves. And this time, we could truly say that we lost. Like seriously, we really did lose to his person’s vid.

Look, when we said that drone fishing is actually people fishing for drones, we kinda let that go. But when this reader sent us this video, we soon realized that you can actually fish with drones.

So yes, forget about those skanky river stories that you and your awkward fishing buddy been through because now, fishing becomes electronic, stylish, and completely techy at the same time!

Let’s break this video down.

So you got yourself a flying drone (which is nice because that means you’re rich enough to buy one), a fishing line and some baits (because again, we believe fishing is for people who can afford a drone) and your very own lake (because that will complete your super rich innuendo.) All you need to do is to wish yourself a good luck and maybe pray that your first drone fishing will end in a success.

Lucky for this guy, he just got a freaking fish after fishing with his drone. And even though it’s little and really an embarrassment for fishermen, it’s a good start.

So if you like fishing but you still want to be hip and in trend, then  buy yourself a drone and start snagging some bass!

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