The Royal Family Just Released Pictures of Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana of Cambridge with her older brother Prince George, And They Look Gorgeous!

Baby Collage
The Royal Babies

What can be more adorable than Prince William and Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton’s son? The clear answer would be photos of the royal couple’s son HOLDING his baby sister!

Just this week, The British Monarchy posted a photo of Prince George showing (rather holding, cuddling and kissing) his baby sister, Princess Charlotte.


Last May, Kate Middleton gave birth to Princess Charlotte. At that time, the adorable princess was only 8lb 3 oz. Both parents were present at that time. But now, just look at her adorableness! It’s was like only a month and yet she looked like she grew really fast.

In the pictures, you could see Prince George holding his baby sister on a silky-white bed. Just looking at it can make you feel sleepy and light.

Crown Babies
Aren’t they adorable?

Now you’d definitely wonder who could magnificently capture such event with mastery and skills? Is it the royal photographer? Or can it be someone from the Royal Family’s friends? Now what if we told you that these sweet pictures were taken by someone else you’d least expect? As a matter of fact, hearing it will definitely surprise you!

Because these images of Prince George and Princess Charlotte were taken by Kate Middleton (Duchess of Cambridge) herself! Yes, these images were taken by their sweet mum!

The possible Royal viral video!

The official Twitter account of the Kensington Palace’s revealed that these images were taken by the newest royal babies in mid-May. Now, that’s what we call skill!

For some Royal fans out there, we bet that you can feel some similar nostalgia after looking at this photo. This is most probably because Prince William also had the same kind of picture. When your Prince William was just a little tyke, he was asked to take a picture together with his younger brother, Prince Harry.

Prince William with Prince Harry
Prince William with Prince Harry

Princess Charlotte, who is still unaware of her bright future, is the 4th person in line for the throne. Her big brother, Prince George, is currently on the 3rd place. Prince Harry moves into 5th place while the Queen’s second royal son. Prince Andrew, is now sixth in line for the throne.

Nobody knows whether Prince William and Duchess Catherine were still planning to have another royal child. But as for now, you’ll probably agree that all of us are now contented with Prince George and Princess Charlotte. With both cuddly siblings like that, I guess you’d definitely  be proud that you’re a true citizen of the Royal family. Now, if only I could visit them and give the Prince and the Princess some pinches and kisses?

Congratulations to you two! And best wishes to these adorable kids of yours! Now can we take them home?

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The Royal Family of Prince William